Which social media sites are better for your business?
March 12, 2015

As a small-business owner, you understand the importance of social media in your marketing plan. Society has become more connected and invested in the use of sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, if you want to focus your energy on developing a strong social media presence, it is crucial that you do not simply use all websites, but rather know where to invest the most time and energy.

Knowing which social media sites drive the highest volume of sales can help your small business continue to grow and develop successfully.

Social networking tools that increase sales
While developing an online presence and interacting with your customers, it is very important, getting users to purchase items from your business. Your revenue depends on inspiring interest, driving sales and then collecting the revenue through credit card processing or other forms of payment your business offers.

When looking purely at traffic and total sales, Facebook put up the highest numbers, according to an infographic developed by Shopify. This social media site brings high volumes of traffic and inspires spending. Following behind Facebook were Pinterest and Twitter, respectively.

Sites that inspire more expensive purchases
While volume is important, the amount of money a consumer is spending should also be considered in the equation. Polyvore, a social commerce website, dominated with average orders settling around $66.75. Following close behind, Instagram came in second with a typical order of $65 and Pinterest slid in at third with an average order value of $58.95.

While Facebook contributed to a higher volume of sales, the average price of a customer's purchase was lower at $55.

It is important to also consider which social media platform to which your business is most conducive. For example, a boutique that offers vintage clothing might work well with an Instagram account while Facebook might be a better platform for sharing videos, images and contest information, which might work well for a restaurant or bar.

Sites that are dying
Some social media platforms are not as useful as they might have been in the past or do not take off as intended. Small Business Trends noted that Google Plus might be a network that will no longer have an emphasis on social interaction among its users.

Always stay up to date on social media news and know what is popular and effective and what platforms might not pack the punch for which you would otherwise hope.

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