The customer is not always right: Part 2
February 19, 2015

Satisfying your customers is an important part of conducting good business. However, there are certain demands and requests that will likely hurt your operation more than increase loyalty. It is crucial that you and your staff can identify when your business is being troubled by an unreasonable consumer.

Importance of keeping quality relationships with your staff
Forbes noted that adopting the philosophy that a customer is always right may strain the relationship between you and your staff. You should always keep you employees happy and in turn they will likely work hard and well for your business.

Trust them when they tell you a customer is being unreasonable and help them figure out how to address situation or cease interacting with the customer in a respectful way. Ultimately, a staff who feels respected and valued at their place of work will provide better customer service. This will benefit the valuable consumers who do not make unreasonable demands and cost you too much time and money.

Customers who are disrespectful
Remember that you and your staff are still human beings who deserve respect. In some instances, you can refuse to provide service to a customer who is uncivil.

Customers may be having a particularly bad day and are directing their anger in the wrong place. The Houston Chronicle noted that remaining respectful is important. Stay positive and ignore any insults that may be directed toward you. However, sometimes consumers can cross a line.

According to Inc., you may find it necessary to discontinue a relationship with the customer. You want to ensure that your staff is not being taken advantage of, belittled or verbally abused.

Spend time and money improving for quality customers
While you may want to retain as many customers as possible, do not waste time on a difficult patron who is disrespectful and unreasonable. Use your resources toward providing better service for other patrons. Provide convenient options and service for buyers. Invest in systems that allow you to accept checks, cash and debit or credit cards to ensure everyone shopping with you can pay for items how they prefer.

Do not forget that a complaint or issue does not signify a person should be dismissed. There are plenty of individuals who simply want to bring something to your attention to improve your business. Learn from every customer and appreciate what they bring to the table. Remember that critiques and criticism can be valuable to your business.

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