Promotional ideas for your business: Part 1
February 26, 2015

Promoting your business can help you get more traffic to your store or restaurant and improve your total revenue. There a number of different ways that you can help raise awareness about your operation. Know how you can increase the number of individuals who want to conduct business with your establishment and what option might be best for you and your operation.

Gift card programs and loyalty incentives may help encourage more sales
Offering customers the opportunity to give the gift of store credit allows for easy promotion opportunity without the leg work. Your customers will spread awareness about your business by essentially inviting their friends and family to check out your products and services.

In addition, you should consider offering incentives for loyalty to your store or restaurant. Entrepreneur noted that a customer that comes back is more likely to purchase more. You can offer discounts without taking a hit financially. Consider using a punch card or research the different digital-rewards mobile apps available.

Hold a contest over social media
With the digital age, social media has become more predominant. Take advantage of its power. Consider asking followers to share or retweet your post for a chance to win store credit or a specific product. For example, if you own a boutique, share a photo of a new pair of shoes or dress that came in as part of your spring collection. Ask followers to share the photograph and give them the opportunity to win the shoes and dress. This is a great way to encourage interaction with your business's social media page and reach a wider audience.

If you are using Facebook, Fox Business recommended engaging your followers. Ask users to tag friends in pictures for specific reasons. As a restaurant, you may want to post a picture of one of your specialty cocktails and ask followers to tag someone they want to share a delicious beverage with during the upcoming weekend. This is an easy way to get people excited about your products and services and ultimately promote your business.

Offer free samples
Has your restaurant come up with a new dish for lunch? Is your store considering selling a new product? Get help from consumers and promote yourself while doing it. Offer a few diners a free meal if they order a new dish or have someone test drive a product and give you feedback. It can help you improve your business and increase awareness simultaneously.

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