Pop-up shop success
January 21, 2015

Pop-ups are restaurants or shops that open up in a location for a short amount of time, often in malls or for specific events. USA Today reported many pop-up shops are also sprinkled across airports and have thus far been successful. These types of retailers have unique needs and a variety of advantages.

Forbes noted that pop-up shops avoid long-term leases in addition to a constantly growing customer base.

"There are a number of benefits for a retailer or brand to do a pop-up," CEO of The Lionesque Group and author of "The Pop-Up Paradigm" Melissa Gonzalez, told Forbes.

Gonzalez also relayed that sales, customer education and brand awareness with press are some of the benefits associated with a pop-up shop.

"The number one best practice advice I always give is to step back and think of your goals before starting to plan a pop-up. Why are you doing a pop-up – besides sales – and what are you ultimately looking to achieve, learn and gain from it?"

Advantages of mobile payments for pop-ups
According to a Mobile Payments Today infographic, mobile point of sale options allow merchants to use their mobile devices to process credit card payments. This is especially beneficial for a pop-up retailer due to the efficiency and convenience offered.

In addition, mobile POS systems allow merchants to conduct sales without needing to be plugged in or established in one location. This may be the most important key to think about when considering a mobile POS for your pop-up shop.

Increase revenue by utilizing a mobile POS system
Mobile POS systems also can increase total volume of sales because you are not limited to only accepting cash. If you also accept credit card payments as well as debit cards, you provide multiple options for customers, and they may be more inclined to purchase merchandise or services offered at your pop-up shop.

Business Circle also noted that you are able to both bolster your marketing techniques and improve the services you offer with mobile technology. Your mobile POS can let you know what times during the day your business sees the most traffic. You can utilize social media during that time frame to boost sales. In addition, this software can highlight best-selling items so you can adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Shorter lines don't only mean more transaction traffic. It can also improve the customer experience. Providing your patrons with convenient, quick and quality service will encourage them to tell their friends and bring even more business to your pop-up shop.

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