Mobile options benefit restaurants
January 26, 2015

A new trend is emerging among restaurants that can provide faster service for guests. Mobile ordering at restaurants is becoming increasingly more popular for a variety of reasons. Your business can benefit from the new digital developments available today.

Emerging mobile technology
Digital advances have allowed restaurants to begin using smartphones and tablets to take orders and accept payments at any location. Food Service Warehouse noted that mobile point-of-sale equipment is available that can offer restaurants and other food service establishments an array of advantages.

Today, you can accept credit card payments without investing in a stationary POS system. This advancement is a crucial development for increasing the speed of service provided by food and beverage service establishments.

Benefits of mobility in the restaurant industry
Mobile POS systems provide your servers with the ability to take an order at the table and immediately communicate with your kitchen staff. According to Digital Transactions, mobile payment options give customers the ability to save time during their dining experience. In fast-food establishments, guests can skip ordering at a counter and at sit-down restaurants, ordering and paying can be done quickly and efficiently by a waiter or waitress directly at the table. Cutting down time allows for faster service and the opportunity to draw more traffic, and ultimately more revenue, to your establishment.

Food Service Warehouse also commended the ability of a mobile POS system to increase the likelihood of customers deciding to tip servers, send receipts through email and potentially increase your available floor space without the need for a POS station.

Starmount Share also indicated that customer service may benefit from the implementation of a mobile POS system. Servers can have more information at their fingertips, spend more time interacting with the customers and make splitting bills simpler. In addition, tailoring and customizing orders for specific individuals can be done quickly and immediately - leaving less room for error. This increases the potential for fully satisfying your customers.

Omnichannel customer engagement
Mobile options for restaurants also give your business the option to blend channels of interaction with your customers.

"Omnichannel has been a term almost as overused as "big data," but these examples show why there is so much excitement about the potential to merge multiple channels of engagement and make substantive improvements to the business," Julie Conroy, research director at Boston-based advisory firm Aite Group, told Digital Transactions.

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