Make online shopping simple
March 17, 2015

While having a website and offering your customers the ability to purchase merchandise from your store on the Internet can boost the growth of your business, ensuring that the site is efficient, clean and easy to navigate plays a major role in its own success. Follow these tips to help develop and manage the best website possible:

Simplify your shopping cart
The volume of your total online sales is dependent on how easy it is to purchase items through your website. Small Business Trends recommended using a shopping cart feature that is more universal and allows customers to check out quickly. Also ensure you are able to accept debit cards online and other forms of payment. A one-click option is especially beneficial for patrons who wish to make purchases quickly and conveniently.

Create easy contact channels
Even though customers might prefer to browse what your business offers on the Web, it is important to ensure they still have the ability to communicate with your employees whenever. Consider allowing consumers to talk to a designated employee throughout the day or providing an email or phone number that gives customers the ability to ask any questions that might arise during their online shopping experience.

In addition, notifying those who purchase items when their items should arrive and allowing them to contact an employee if an issues arise can help enhance your customers' online experience with your business.

Keep it personal
Do not allow your website to lose the personality of your business. Post colorful images and links to your social media sites where they can be enjoyed and observed by any visitors. Encourage engagement with your business.

It is also crucial that you find a way to thank individuals for visiting your site. Whether you send an email expressing your gratitude after an order is placed on your site or small note placed somewhere within your home page's design, it Is important to notify customers that you appreciate their time.

Develop a quality return and exchange policy
Your business can benefit from allowing customers to return or exchange items. According to Practical eCommerce, approximately 95 percent of individuals who shop online and return or exchange an item purchased will return to the business due to a quality return policy and good experience with the business.

Whatever you decide your policy should be, make sure you clearly post it on your site for all visitors to see. Include all information for returns and exchanges in every order.

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