Keys to retail success in 2015
January 07, 2015

The new year arrived bringing a few notable retail trends. It's important to know what consumers react positively to and how to implement those techniques into your operation. Retail Info System News suggests adopting a number of these strategies to promote better business.

Engagement across all forms of interaction
Businesses are not limited to one avenue of interaction with customers. Stores, social media and mobile platforms all offer the potential to engage consumers in unique ways.

Produce content and marketing material for your customers and their specific needs to drive more sales in 2015.

Providing content for consumers
Marketing your business using quality content is becoming a more popular trend among retailers. Engage your customers with interesting articles that are also informative.

According to Convince & Convert Digital Marketing Advisors, providing content will build trust with your clients and enhance your authority.

Mobile payment options
The ability to accept mobile payments will gain popularity in 2015 according to Retail Info System News. While cash will continue to be an option, credit cards and mobile payment apps may grow substantially this year.

Mobile payment options also give retailers the opportunity to develop loyalty programs and therefore increase relationships and trust with consumers.

Growth in digital marketing
According to Retail Info System News, 25 percent of today's total marketing budgets are allotted to digital marketing. This breed of marketing will remain significant in 2015.

However, Forbes suggested reconfiguring your 2014 digital marketing strategy and tailoring it to current trends.

Content is predicted to be a key element to successful element to digital marketing throughout the year. Supplying quality and informative material for consumers is crucial. Provide content in emails, blogs or other venues easily accessed by customers.

In addition, the connections between different platforms and venues may be more prevalent. Multichannel attribution modeling may have more of an impact on business strategies as interconnectivity between social media increases.

While these four tips will help retailers improve their operations in 2015, advanced payment processing technology will also play a major role in helping businesses boost efficiency and increase sales.

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