Involving your business in the community: Part 2
February 26, 2015

It is important to involve involve your business in the local community. Whether you decide to volunteer, donate or even host an event, participating in causes that are important to your neighborhood is an important part to developing your business.

Finding ways to get more involved
As a business, you can always donate money to a cause you and your staff are passionate about. Ask your employees what issues are important to them and what they believe is important to the community. This is a great way to help you decide how you can make a valuable impact.

Entrepreneur also recommended finding ways to use the skills and talents of your business to benefit the community. For example, if you own a restaurant, preparing a meal for the hungry and homeless is a great way to involve yourself. Or if you own a small boutique, consider donating clothes to a local shelter.

You may also want to consider having your staff participate in a run or walk and raise money for a cause. Advertise to your customers and encourage them to also donate or even participate in the event with you and your employees.

Organize your own fundraising affairs
If you have the resources, consider hosting your own event to raise money for a cause. Even consider teaming up with other local businesses to give back to the community with a fundraising party or other event.

Inc. also suggested holding a contest. For example, have employees or even loyal customers create a March Madness bracket. Have all participants pay a fee and at the end, the winner can decide where to donate the money.

Advertise your efforts to patrons
Your business should let all customers know what you and your employees are doing. This can encourage them to help you reach fundraising goals or even volunteer alongside you and your team. Think about whether to accept mobile payments as well for fundraising efforts. Inspiring and motivating others in your community to also make a difference will help improve your community. This is also a fantastic way to foster relationships with your customers.

Consider asking what causes are important to them and how you and your business can help further a cause in the community.

Encourage your staff to continue volunteering
Consider offering your employees an afternoon or morning off once a month to find different ways they can impact the community. Also consider holding an after-work hangout to discuss and reflect on the work that everyone may have done that month.

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