Involving your business in the community: Part 1
February 26, 2015

Your business can improve relationships with current patrons, start new ones and ultimately grow by getting involved in the local community. It is a fantastic way to improve your business.

In a study done by Change, GolinHarris' corporate citizenship and social responsibility practice, 68 percent of U.S. citizens believe that good citizenship should be one of business's top priorities for running a successful operation that is both competitive and profitable.

Know how to get started and why it is crucial for your operation's success.

Improve staff relationships, attitudes and overall well-being
Working together toward a goal can help bring your employees together. There are a number of ways that your business can show community involvement through volunteering, donating or participating in a race or event. These activities can help promote teamwork and help improve your staff's performance on the job.

In addition, volunteering in the community has a number of other benefits, according to World Volunteer Web. Having a sense of achievement and purpose can help improve overall mood. Seeing the impact that you and your employees make on the local community can be very rewarding.

The United Health Group's 2013 Health and Volunteering Study indicated that employees who volunteer feel healthier, both physically and mentally. Also, putting time and energy toward a noble cause can decrease stress and are more engaged at work. They may increase positive and friendly interactions with customers when helping them make purchases in your store and when they accept credit cards and other forms of payment at the register, which ultimately improves your patrons' experiences.

Idealist noted that volunteers also grow as people and have the opportunity to develop new skills. In some instances, those skills can also be implemented at your business and help you improve your performance as a team.

Where to get involved
There are a number ways that you can find how to participate in community missions. You can call up a local school and ask if you can make a donation toward a school trip or for new supplies.

If your business is located in a more urban area, hunger and homelessness may be an issue that many people in the community are passionate about working to eliminate. Find a local food program and help prepare a meal together or volunteer your time together on an evening or day when you are not open to serve and engage in conversation with guests.

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