Increasing your security
February 06, 2015

The safety and security of your customers' personal information is one of your top priorities. While accepting credit cards, checks and other payment options provides customers with convenience, ensuring that their information is protected is crucial. Make sure that you and your staff strive to secure this data and keep your patrons safe.

Strengthen your passwords
Passwords keep unauthorized individuals out of certain devices or programs. It is important to always create strong passwords that can not easily be guessed. Small Business Trends recommended creating passwords that are unique and unexpected. Spell words wrong, string phrases together and include numbers. Do not make a password that is your last name or the name of your business. These are easily guessed and could compromise sensitive information.

You should also consider creating different passwords for different programs and devices and change those frequently. While it may be inconvenient to constantly update and memorize new passwords, this is ultimately for the safety of your customers. This can increase the trust your customers have in you and your business which is especially good for your future growth.

Let your staff know when you will be changing a password and ensure that they understand why it is important to take these precautions.

Ensure that your business is PCI compliant
Every business that accepts credit and debit card payments is required to be compliant with PCI standards. These standards ensure data security and help protect your business and your customers. The PCI Compliance Guide noted that your level of security is determined based on the credit or debit cards that you accept. Each brand of credit card has their own specific compliance program.

Educate your staff about security
Your staff interacts with customers' personal information when they process transactions. According to the PCI Compliance Guide, their interaction may be the weakest part of any security standards that have been implemented. Ensure that your staff knows why it is important to uphold and ensure safe and secure transactions. When your employees understand the reasoning behind different precautionary steps that you ask them to take, they might be more likely to perform these tasks with more attention to detail and ultimately bolster your overall security.

Ensuring that your customers can continue purchasing items and services from your business safely and securely is crucial to your success. Their trust is essential for continued loyalty to your business.

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