How integrated payment systems benefit salons and spas
October 23, 2014

There are a lot of different businesses that can directly benefit from the use of integrated payment systems. The use of these systems can help businesses take advantage of omnichannel strategies for the sake of developing new ways of interacting with customers. That includes utilizing new strategies for making appointments as well as purchasing products. Many stores also perform other services for consumers, so omnichannel shouldn't just be strictly limited to the retail sector. By providing multiple services both online and at the storefront, these particular stores stand to benefit the most from using terminals that can perform multiple functions. Consider salons and spas as an example of this phenomenon.

Care for beauty and results
Hair salons and beauty spas tend to provide more than just haircuts, pedicures and facials. They also sell products that offer treatments for men and women outside the store, since they can't always visit on a regular basis. Frequent customers are more likely to buy products in-store as part of the whole experience as well. Their visit should be relatively seamless, going from receiving a treatment to completing the transaction for both service and products.

Where the integrated payments system starts to get involved is in the booking process, according to PYMNTS. Before, booking an appointment meant coming in person or making a phone call. Now, salons and spas can complete their bookings online, complete with important customer data that can provide a setting for the visit and future visits. In some cases, payment for the treatment can be made in advance, saving the patron time.

More importantly, this information can be used to personalize both the shopping and the service experience. Consider a customer who comes in regularly for a manicure and pedicure. A salon employee can input what type of treatment the patron prefers and save it, so that way the salon can plan in advance and make some adjustments based on what they need. Based on this information, the manicurist can recommend a finishing nail polish based on the treatment, so that the person can continue receiving the same quality of service outside the salon. The end result is that the patron is more likely to purchase the product on top of his or her service. The end result is an increase in net sales. If this person has a regular booking, this can also be used to recommend a loyalty program that provides further incentives for repeat visits.

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