Guide to getting more retweets: Part 2
February 13, 2015

Twitter is a social networking tool that can help you advertise and reach a wide audience. You can let followers know whether you are hosting a sale, have a new gift card program or give them a new promo code to encourage them to make purchases at your business. Getting retweets can help ensure that you reach more Twitter users, enhance your business's performance and stimulate growth.

Add images and infographics to your tweets
People appreciate visual content. Including colorful infographics or pictures in your tweets can appeal to your followers and can help your business get retweets. According to Small Business Trends, images can help your tweets gain more attention in user streams. In fact, you can get 150 percent more retweets if your tweet includes an infographic or photograph.

It is important to relay information quickly on Twitter. Using visuals to communicate a message accommodates busy lifestyles and individuals who are rapidly scrolling through their twitter feeds.

Know when to tweet
There is a time and place for everything. Your business's twitter profile is no exception. According to The Payroll Blog, different social media platforms have certain times and days that users tend to sign in and check out posts. If you know the best time to send your 140 character message out to the most responsive audience, you can improve the impact your twitter profile has on your business.

Mondays through Thursdays are the best days for your business to tweet. Users tend to check their feeds most often during these days between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The length of your tweet matters
Buffer Social and Sumall joined forces and created an infographic that indicated when you are creating a message for a tweet you should adhere to an ideal length can help improve its effectiveness. Keep your tweets between 71 and 100 characters and your profile could see an engagement rate that is 17 percent higher.

Interact with your followers
Do not forget the importance of simply engaging your customers in conversation over twitter. Interacting with other users can humanize your business and they may be more likely to retweet if they are mentioned. Even consider asking for a retweet. You may be three times more likely to actually have your message shared if you ask directly.

Twitter retweets can help your business reach more potential customers and this can lead to more purchases and a notable increase in revenue. Know how to help improve the likelihood of your tweets being shared with other users by implementing a strong strategy.

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