Common small-business mistakes to avoid: Part 2
March 19, 2015

Your small business requires you to invest a great deal of time and energy into your endeavors. Do not let your efforts go to waste. Ensure that you do not make some of the common mistakes that many operations commit when dealing with customers.

Listen up and let your customer talk
When a patron is speaking, make sure that your are listening and that you understand what he or she is saying. Repeat what he or she has said to double check that you know exactly what is being asked or what comment is being made.

It is also important to initiate a conversation with your customer. Remember that a conversation means more than one person is communicating. Small Business trends noted that there is an issue if you are the only one talking during a conversation with a patron. Encourage your staff to ask questions to get the individual engaged in a conversation. For example, if you sell skin care products, instead of talking at a patron about creams and cleansers, ask what issues the individual is concerned about. You can make better recommendations based on the information provided as well.

Follow up
After giving a customer a recommendation or addressing an issue, it is crucial that you do not forget to follow up. This demonstrates that you truly care for the individual and his or her experience with your business. Do not hesitate to make a phone call or send an email checking with a patron you worked with.

In addition, if someone is considering a larger purchase from your store and he or she would like some time to think it over, consider asking for contact information and letting him or her know that you will serve as a resource if any further question arise. Do not be too pushy. Send a short message expressing your gratitude and reminding him or her that you are happy to answer any queries.

Always train everyone
All Business noted that it is important to properly train a new employee in the art of customer service and any other skills required for the job. Never assume an individual knows how to properly respond to a customer complaint or how to explain your gift card program accurately. Customers do not want to deal with an employee who is rude or unfamiliar with your business. Invest in all employees and ensure they are well-equipped to help your business grow.

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