Building better business in 2015
January 21, 2015

The new year is upon us, and you and your small business have the opportunity to take a look at 2014's pain points and make new goals for 2015.

Grow your business with these crucial success tips for this year:

Anticipate emerging trends
Small Business Trends noted that it is especially important for businesses to anticipate any new trends. Whether those trends are present in the types of products you sell, the devices and technology you use or the preferences of your consumers, knowing what to expect is crucial.

The Wall Street Journal noted that merchants should tap into social media networks because they will emerge as new platforms for customers to shop. Social media is an increasingly integral part of people's lives. Grow your business by tapping into this sales channel in 2015.

Demand for social responsibility is an additional trend we will see this year. While it is important for your business to continue creating quality products that adhere to demands from consumers, Forbes recommended also reaching out into the community and even the world to make a positive social impact. Your business is responsible for not only delivering your products and services, but also helping your local, national or global community.

Experiment with technology
Your business should stay educated on emerging POS technology, payment and ACH processing, and other developments within the industry.

Embrace the new age and consider implementing new technology in the new year to improve your customer service and even overall revenue. Implement mobile point of sale software, offer multiple forms of payment for your customers and educate your employees how to use any new technology.

Cater to millennials
Millennials account for about one-fourth of the entire population, according to Forbes. This generation is adamant about making a purchase that has positive reviews. Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as tools to review products and encourage these young adults to buy your products. Advertising does not have nearly as much as an impact on this demographic as responses and recommendations from actual previous customers. Connect with this generation by reaching out to them and developing a strong relationship. This interaction can help them build trust and loyalty with your business. noted that knowing your audience can change your approach as well. Millennials respond more to humor and social value. Encourage their participation and speak their language to increase your chances of successfully marketing to this generation.

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