Benefits of Instagram: Part 2
February 25, 2015

Using Instagram can help your business improve your relationships with customers and ultimately inspire growth. Make sure that you know different techniques and methods to help improve your Instagram presence.

Feature Employees and customers on your Instagram
Constant Contact noted that adding personality to your Instagram can help grow your operation. A great way to humanize your business is to highlight the people that work for you and the loyal customers you currently have on your profile. Consider profiling a new employee every month and have him or her give a fun fact and one reason why he or she enjoys working at your business.

Also consider posting a photograph or short video from a customer using a product, browsing your store or enjoying a meal you have sold them. This is a great way to engage customers with your business and foster relationships.

Selling your products by using Instagram
Practical Ecommerce noted that you can still market products and encourage consumers to purchase items using Instagram. In your caption of a posted photograph or video, include information that is important for a potential buyer to be aware of. For example, if you are selling a new dress, include the sizes and colors available, price and consider adding a blurb about an upcoming holiday or season that may encourage them to buy the product.

Also include links if you allow customers to purchase items online. While Instagram does not allow users to click on links, encourage your followers to copy and paste them into their browser navigation bar to view and potentially buy an item.

While other social media platforms can offer your business great opportunities to market your business, Instagram is an additional tool that can help your business grow. Sign up and start having a fun, interactive and visually stimulating conversation with other Instagram users.

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