Benefits of Instagram: Part 1
February 25, 2015

Your business can benefit greatly from using Instagram as a marketing tool. This social media platform can broaden the audience your operation reaches, increase consumers' awareness of your brand and deliver a visual experience using photographs and short videos. Know the benefits of Instagram and fun ways to integrate its use into your current marketing strategy.

Benefits of using Instagram
Maximize Social Business noted that Instagram not only lets you connect with more people, It also gives you the opportunity to hold photo contests and encourage interaction between your business and consumers that are online.

Instagram's ability to deliver a visual experience also allows your business to communicate a ton of information with one image. You can post a picture of a new product or a customer using an item recently purchased at your store. It can help consumers better visualize what your business has to offer and may encourage them to come to your store and check it out.

Using Instagram to humanize your business
It is important to stand out from the competition. Giving your business personality can allow consumers to better relate to your operation, according to Constant Contact. You may want to also include lifestyle photographs. For example, if you own a restaurant, and it is one of your employees' birthdays, consider posting a photograph of them blowing out candles on the free sundae you offer to diners on their special day. Not only does this humanize your restaurant, but it also advertises and encourages other individuals to stop in and enjoy a meal and free dessert on their own birthdays.

Giving your Instagram followers the opportunity to look behind the scenes is another great way to use this social media tool. Show the process of cooking your weekend special as a restaurant or a sneak peek of new spring styles coming to your boutique. Customers will appreciate being able to take a gander behind the curtain and get to know your business a little better through Instagram.

Your Instagram account can help consumers get a more personable and fun look into your business. This can increase loyalty and encourage individuals to make purchases at your operation. Make sure you use this social network tool to highlight your business in a positive way and humanize it to help stand out from other competition in your industry.

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