What's the competition like for accounting firms during tax season?
January 30, 2015

When tax season rolls around each year, accounting professionals tend to be in high demand. There are a number of people who are under the impression that doing taxes is all they are good for. While this is false, it means that accountants and bookkeepers are often extremely busy in the winter and spring.

That being said, consulting an accountant is not the only option both consumers and small business owners have when this time of year rolls around. Some individuals try to do their personal filing, while there are a number of other organizations entrepreneurs can consult with when they need their taxes done. 

It's important that accounting firms know who they're competing against - only then can they explain why they're the best people for the job.

Not everyone might realize that many tax attorneys are legitimate resources who may be able to file taxes on behalf of businesses or individuals, as CBS News pointed out. However, clients should always check to make sure the lawyer has the proper credentials to do so.

IRS agents
A number of IRS agents file taxes for others each year. While it might be hard to find an agent who is willing to do this during his or her busy season, it could be doubly difficult to seek one out who knows the ins and outs of business filings. That being said, as the source detailed, agents have to pass stringent tests to get into their positions, so they are generally experts.

Random tax preparers
Unless a business leader consults with a certified accounting firm, it's hard to know exactly who has their hands on these tax documents. As Daily Finance pointed out, not all preparers are qualified to file tax returns, which could have massive adverse implications for a company if mistakes are made. While paid tax preparers are employed by many people each year, this isn't always a smart decision and could leave the client owing the government money or not taking advantage of all tax breaks possible.

Accounting firms
Going to accounting firms is the best option for company leaders who need their taxes done. Consider the fact that these organizations are staffed with vetted, fully competent experts with access to the latest technology and accounting resources. Then, there's the fact that these professionals are trained in a number of business matters. Sure, an IRS agent might do a sound job filing, but he or she is probably not going to act as a consultant or teach staff members how to best use software. 

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