To email or not to email?
June 11, 2013

Many accounting and bookkeeping firms have realized that email marketing has the potential to bring in a lot of new business. When clients opt in to newsletters, this can be a great way to stay top of mind, drive continued interest in the brand and inspire online shopping ventures.

If you ask many advertisers, there really aren't any downsides that go along with sending out electronic messages to fans. However, not everyone agrees with that sentiment. 

Though emails might help drive click-throughs and online sales, a new study recently revealed that this type of communication can bring a lot of stress to business owners. So what's an accounting firm to do - should they continue communicating with clients, business partners and peers, or are they going to want to rely on more traditional tactics?

Volume of emails matter
According to Inc. Magazine, researchers at the United Kingdom's Loughborough University found that though one email isn't more stressful than one phone call, the sheer volume of electronic mail people receive during the business day puts a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs

Handling emails, the scientists found, results in higher blood pressure, an elevated heart rate and increased cortisol levels. Moreover, the magazine detailed that when put together, these factors often result in long-term high blood pressure, heart issues and other adverse effects.

The study did reveal, however, that messages containing timely information or praise don't often cause such factors. The same cannot be said about newsletters that were either irrelevant or caused people to stop what they were doing to read. 

Inc. suggested that to de-stress when sending out communications, individuals not multitask and schedule when they email, as interruptions greatly add to pressure. 

But still effective
That said, email can bring a lot of success to a company, it's one of the most effective ways of communicating not only with clients, but also with other business partners. The Washington Post called this process one of most effective ways to keep up with others

"Email marketing is still the best medium to move prospects through," the newspaper explained.

There are plenty of metrics accounting firms can view to assess that the campaign is performing well, the news source reported. For instance, the click-through rate is supremely important to record. This can show administrators that readers are choosing links included in messages, which can then be used to better target offers by seeing what links people are clicking on.

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