Tips for accountants to achieve a better work-life balance
December 24, 2014

Work life balance can be difficult to achieve for an accountant. Tax season, especially, can get out of hand, and it's hard to walk the fine line between working hard and having it take over your life.

CNBC discussed Ernst & Young's focus on instilling a work life balance for its employees. The company built a culture that included flexibility where employees could schedule time off around personal commitments, such as allowing a couple to be involved with the business remotely as they were trying to adopt a baby abroad. 

Even if you don't work there, it's still important to consider work life balance as much as its employees do. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

Plan accordingly
Mirroring Ernst & Young, you should look ahead to see what plans might interfere with work life. The Kansas City Star suggested asking for time off far ahead of the date itself if you work for an accounting firm, but if you're in control of your own schedule, you have to be conscious of commitments. Work life balance is an everyday consideration, according to AccountingWEB, and it should be taken just as seriously as your finances.

Have a good attitude 
AccountingWEB reminded accountants to keep a rational mind about work life balance. Becoming emotional about a lack of it won't help anything - you should have a methodical approach to maintain it. The Kansas City Star recommended finding a compromise such as working from home if taking a break from the office is absolutely impossible. 

Look for good experiences 
When you do have time off, regard those moments as unique experiences. This means instead of watching TV, you might want to go out and do something you've never done before. This was suggested by AccountingWEB to encourage learning outside of work and having activities that make your personal life more meaningful. 

Assess spending habits
Kansas City Star suggested you look at your spending habits. Working from the office often costs more money than working from home, as it typically includes transportation, food and clothing that you wouldn't have to pay for otherwise. Ensuring that you're spending wisely can help you save money for a vacation, gifts or special events for your personal life, which can be really great ways to de-stress outside of work. 

If these habits aren't in check, it can make you dread going into work, which can be one of the worst feelings. But making sure you plan well and have a good attitude can really make your work life a brighter place.

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