The year's best technology for accountants
November 10, 2014

Everyone has personal preferences, from the types of condiments they like on hamburgers to the flavor of ice cream they prefer. It's no different with technology - some people would rather use a PC than a Mac or cart around an iPad instead of a more traditional notebook.

There are plenty of tools and gadgets that can become particularly helpful as accounting resources. Professionals can make the most of some of the latest technology options and firm owners may even make their organizations more efficient and productive overall as a result.

So, how can leaders of such companies find out which tools they should choose to implement? Perhaps they're simply techies that always have their ears to ground, trying to find out about the latest developments. Others might look to the results of the K2 Enterprises 2014 technology awards. The accounting education corporation recently announced the winners, and revealed that there's a very saturated market for worthy bookkeeping technologies. In fact, AccountingWEB reported, there were no unanimous winners in any of the categories.

The cloud
As the source noted, the cloud is one general trend professionals everywhere should be using that became still more popular in 2014. By using the cloud in conjunction with things like accounting software, those in an organization can access information from any Internet-enabled device, scale the infrastructure up or down depending on what's needed - which can be a massive money-saver - and better protect data from cybercriminals, among many other benefits.

That being said, the news provider explained that cloud accounting has yet to really take off, but acknowledged that there are players in this arena that have the staying power necessary to become a wider trend.

Accountants who are serious about moving forward with technological advances should stay abreast of the latest apps and features offered by software options. There are constantly new releases in this realm. For instance, according to CPA Practice Advisor, Sage One recently developed a mobile app that allows small business owners to tackle various accounting tasks, project requirements and invoicing no matter their location. This may make record-keeping easier for company leaders, as well as their accountants.

You can't forget about the machines you're actually using to do accounting work. Professionals have had their pick of many new devices so far this year. For instance, Apple's latest technology announcement brought with it new versions of the iPhone and iPad, while HP recently announced that it would be offering a new touchscreen PC. 

Before leveraging any type of technology, professionals need to do their homework, making sure they can contend with product specs, handle any obstacles that may arise and so forth.

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