Striking the perfect balance
May 04, 2015

Entering the workforce changes the way people look at their life, no matter what industry they're in. Many are ready to start new jobs while others are scared of the unknown. There are various questions that come up in terms of happiness, success and fulfillment. Veterans in the workplace will explain that the key to being successful is to find a happy balance between one's home life and career.

Is this something that happens overnight? No, of course not. In fact, it can take years for a person to strike the proper chord of home and work harmony. This balance is important, as it can lead to better productivity at work and happier employees overall.

Balance or bust
Not only is the perfect combination of career and a happy home life something that people want, it's actually the highest aspiration that professionals have, according to a survey by Right Management and published in The Economic Times. Many individuals believe that this will lead to better productivity at work and more satisfaction in their personal lives, and those people happen to be correct.

Manpower Group recently conducted a survey that found 45 percent of respondents rank the importance of a healthy balance between work and home is the pinnacle of success over actual job performance. The survey also found that 35 percent of workers change jobs to find a better balance elsewhere. Employees value their emotional health on the same level as their performance at work, and employers should take note of that fact.

Finding the center
All levels of management should aspire to find a happy medium between the office and the home, and should encourage all members of a firm to find what works for them. As Business 2 Community contributor Kristen Hovde asserted, employees need to be honest with themselves and their managers in order to achieve a proper balance. If you would like to pick your kids up from school a few days a week, then perhaps a telecommuting schedule for several afternoons would be ideal.

Goals for a happy personal life should be aligned with goals for a successful career. The happier a person is, it's more likely that they'll be more productive at work and a better member of the team. Taking a step back to reconfigure the work day will undoubtedly lead to a more successful path in the work and personal spheres in an employee's life.

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