It's tax season: What are businesses looking for in an accounting professional?
January 23, 2015

As all accountants know, firms can be supremely helpful for companies during any time of the year. Whether it's the dead of winter or the lazy days of summer, professional bookkeepers can act as very useful business consultants, and they can also help with things like accounts payable and receivable and other financial elements. 

However, it might seem like a lot of businesses only seek out firms when tax season approaches. This time of the year is undoubtedly the busy season for professionals. And for good reason - these people are experts in filing, abiding by the newest laws and enabling success into the future.

It might be useful for accounting firms to be aware of what businesses are looking for when making hiring decisions. This way, not only can they provide the best service possible to companies that are just starting to compile records now, but they can also maximize their success this season.

The best of the best
Entrepreneur Magazine suggested that a lot of business owners are looking to hire the best and brightest in their fields, which makes sense, because they essentially have the entrepreneur's "baby" in their hands during tax time. The source recommended that decision-makers consider hiring Certified Public Accountants, largely because of the vetting process they have to go through to earn that title. As the magazine noted, this involves a two-day, standardized test, as well as a college degree and often post-grad work.

Stay smart
Decision-makers are really looking for professionals who know what they're doing and are aware of the most updated laws, as well as pertinent tax breaks. As such, accountants should be prepared to be put to the test. Nolo, a legal and business resource platform, suggested that business owners in need quiz potential bookkeepers. They might want to zero in on specifics about the IRS, audits and small business tax requirements.

Use the latest and greatest tools
Simply put, firms need to be competitive and set themselves up for success. They need to have the best employees possible interacting with clients and working to help their companies. This can be enabled by rigorous - and updated - training. They should also be equipped with the best tools, which means everything from using state-of-the-art computers and devices to high-quality accounting software. 

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