How can accountants de-stress?
March 03, 2015

There are plenty of times that accountants face a lot of stress at work. There's never an absence of things to do around tax season, year-end and other peak times. Many, if not most, professionals tend to get wrapped up in their tasks at these times and forget to do routine things like take breaks, de-stress and even eat or sleep.

Sure, in the end, bookkeepers might think that going hard in the office means less work in the long-run, but the stress can have long-term effects and easily lead to burnout. 

Especially in the midst of hectic times in the firm, professionals need to make sure they're caring for their health and are able to take some time for themselves. In this way, work-life balance is extremely important. If their physical health becomes affected by the stress, this can take a toll both on their personal lives and their ultimate ability to fulfill job requirements. 

What are a few ways accountants can de-stress during busy times?

1. Work "me-time" into your schedule
There are various things people do for themselves during the day. Maybe you get a snack in the late afternoon to take a break, or perhaps you walk to your local Starbucks in the morning for a pick-me-up. Whatever small - but important - things you do for yourself, work them into your schedule. This way, you'll always have time away from your tasks and co-workers won't double-book these small periods of time. 

2. Consider working from home
Especially during peak seasons, the office can be a loud, busy place. Individuals are constantly talking to each other and professionals are rushing around, looking for records, signatures and so on. All of these distractions can take accountants' focus off their tasks, and then they're pressed for time. Thanks to the advent of accounting software, many professionals can still give their clients the same great service from the solitude of their own houses, or another quiet but still remote place. This might be easier than trying to get things done in the workspace.

3. Leave work at work
While some people might like to say that they're very dedicated to their clients and co-workers, there comes a point when they can't help anymore and need to go home. At the end of business hours, unless there is an extremely pressing and time-sensitive task, it's best if accountants leave all their work on the table and simply head to their houses. They can spend time with their families, de-stress and get a good night's sleep - something that will benefit their clientele much more in the long run.

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