Happy customers come from happy accountants
April 02, 2015

There are many rewards in the world of accounting, but one that really takes the cake is a happy customer. The rush that comes from getting someone more money back during tax season than they anticipated or creating a good plan for money management is a truly rewarding experience. Accounting is an age-old, trusted profession that has the potential to be very stressful, yet is met with grace and ease at firms across the country. In this current climate, many customers are becoming increasingly pleased with their experiences with accountants and firms - but what exactly is making them so happy?

Gold-star standard
Presumably, you're an accountant because you love helping people and solving puzzles, and you're good at it, too. According to Inc.com, the main reason people are finding such satisfaction from their accounting services is because the accountants in question are incredibly knowledgeable and good at their jobs. While this might seem like a no-brainer, people are earnestly appreciative of the job well done. Perhaps customers are jaded from working with less competent individuals for other services they require, but accountants and CPAs are a smart group of professionals that take their jobs seriously.

Inc.com also reported that the relationship between client and accountant is another source of satisfaction. So many individuals are used to speaking to a person in a call center or with an automated voice, so interacting with a compassionate professional is a lovely change of pace. Good service providers understand clients' businesses and problems, an invaluable resource for someone who deals with the money of said company. The relationship doesn't need to be deep and intimate, but it should be professional, light-hearted and understanding.

Reaching for the stars
Receiving great reviews is something that every accounting firm can achieve all year round, not just at the height of tax season. AccountingWeb reported that practicing kindness in daily life will make the kindness extolled in customer interactions feel more natural and sincere. This, of course, is not to assert that people in this field are insincere. However, creating a habit takes practice and everyone should try to be kinder towards others. Individuals tend to remember acts of kindness, no matter how small, so it doesn't hurt to test the waters on the public.

Every accounting firm, no matter the size, has the chance to achieve great reviews, and it's your duty to give customers a comprehensive but very human experience for their accounting needs.

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