Enable better performance in the office
March 11, 2013

When a product is selling and there is a lot of interest in a startup accounting firm, the business owner can recognize that his or her company is very productive. During times when sales are booming, most workers are busy helping clients, and the results tend to speak for themselves. 

However, almost every company has at least one stretch during the year when sales aren't so great and customers are going elsewhere for their shopping needs. Administrators can easily put this time to good use and turn it into a good opportunity to get ahead or regroup from the last selling surge. But how can they make certain their workers are remaining motivated and productive?

There are a number of things leaders can do to ensure that their staff can produce even when customers are not coming into the store or contacting the office with less frequency. From those tasked with managing the temporarily more dismal-looking accounting software or employees who would normally be handling customer service issues, every worker can stay productive with a little push from their higher ups.

Office details matter
While some business owners think that having a more traditional office is conducive to getting work done, Entrepreneur Magazine suggested there are little design elements that can be added to the work space that will boost productivity. For instance, there has to be a perfect balance when it comes to lighting - the news outlet said that too much or too little brightness can cause fatigue or eye strain, as well as increasing screen glare, which can also be irritating and distracting.

The news source also said that chair comfort, desk height, eliminating noise from devices and traffic flow through the office must all be considered when setting up a workspace to ensure maximum output. 

Make sure you've got the right people on your team
Administrators can make sure their workers won't lag from day one - they just have to make sure they hire the right people from the beginning. According to InfoWorld, throughout a company's life cycle, especially as they're looking to adopt new technologies, bad eggs can tank productivity. The source said, for instance, that a lack of trust in staffers when moving to the cloud is exceedingly frequent.

Leaders just have to make certain they're looking for the right qualities in a new worker, asking the best questions during the interview process and ensuring that the company's goals are streamlined with those of the potential hire.

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