Benefits of bookkeeping software for atypical accounting gigs
August 03, 2015

Bookkeeping software can help accounting professionals better manage their clients' finances, even when the client is unconventional or especially demanding. A reliable software platform is also essential for certified public accountants looking for freelance opportunities in less traditional settings.

Crime-fighting accountants
Called forensic accountants, these professionals use their accounting skills to help law enforcement better understand white-collar criminal activity and illegal financial dealings. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners noted this role requires self-motivation, attention to detail and strong understanding of financial data analysis, all of which CPAs can enhance with bookkeeping software. Automated analysis features and intuitive processes in a software platform eliminate risk that CPAs will forget steps or neglect important data. It also allows for greater autonomy. 

Starting up a business
Many entrepreneurs are great at launching a business but poor at maintaining accurate accounts. This is especially true of start-ups made possible by crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. Accounting professionals may be asked to step in to help crowdfunded ventures stay fiscally responsible. Any CPA in this role can use cloud-based bookkeeping software to improve communication with clients through contact lists and legally record income by categorizing figures as they come in. Contributions have to be recorded meticulously. Entrepreneur pointed out these funds can't be considered equity, income or small-business loans. Often, crowdfunding is labeled unearned income, though it depends largely on the particulars of the campaign. No matter what, contributions have to be accurately recorded for tax purposes and future business growth, a function bookkeeping software performs automatically.

Environmentally friendly finances
Today, businesses look for as many ways as possible to go green. Saving resources and improving the environment's health is a priority for consumers and companies alike. Accountants can help make this happen. Robert Half Accountemps stated these roles require CPAs to find unique ways to increase profits while decreasing impact on the environment. Bookkeeping software can help with everyday tasks while also digitizing documents and reducing the amount of paper and printing products needed at the company's office. It can also help save physical space, as digital documents do not require filing cabinets to maintain organized records. 

Using expertise to consult
After years of working hands-on, so to speak, as an accountant for a business or personal practice, making the move to consulting is a terrific career shift. Financial analysts can help companies make large decisions about investments, economic trends, industry standards and government regulations. Utilizing a bookkeeping software platform with education features that improve a CPA's knowledge on financial proceedings can be instrumental in his or her development as an accounting professional, leading to greater opportunities with large corporations down the road. The more CPAs know and the more familiar they become with the world of accounting, the more reliable and attractive they will be to potential employers. Knowledge and experience go hand in hand.  

Whether an accountant prefers working for the same enterprise in an office for many years or exploring a variety of assignments, bookkeeping software can improve his or her performance, understanding and delivery. 

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