Why you should mentor a younger accounting professional
June 15, 2016

Think back to your first day as an accountant or bookkeeper. Did simple things like starting coffee make you nervous? Were you prepared to handle your first rush of clients with ease? Now, imagine how helpful things would have been with a mentor. The chance to coach another person benefits both of you, so why not take someone new under your wing? Below are a few reasons why you should mentor another accounting professional:

To get something new out of your job
In an article for Inc., Peter Thomson proclaimed becoming a mentor was the best thing he did for his career. Mentoring helps in more than one way. To start with, it shows professionals just how far they've come over the course of their career. Looking after someone new reminds you of where you started. In addition, mentoring reveals just how much you really grasp the concepts of the accounting and bookkeeping professions. You don't know how much you understand something until you can explain it to another person in simple terms. 

Plus, being a mentor increases your job satisfaction. According to The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring, one study found people with mentees felt better and were more recommitted to their careers than people without.

To help other people, giving back to your profession
As Canadian Business noted, many companies experience difficulty finding and keeping qualified employees. The shrinking Canadian workforce does nothing to help. As older professionals retire, millennials - already Canada's largest working generation - will take up a larger percentage of the workforce.

The switch from boomers and Gen Xers to millennials is inevitable, but being a mentor allows you to make sure your firm and clients remain in good hands. It also provides the direction millennials crave. According to Deloitte, millennials are more likely to leave a company if they feel their employer isn't invested in their professional development and does nothing to help them grow as a leader. Millennials want direction and guidance, and you're the perfect person to help them.

Becoming a mentor doesn't mean you suddenly spend all your free time coaching softball, nor does it mean you turn into a guidance counselor. Rather, mentoring allows you to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with another person. Both of you grow as professional leaders and individuals, each taking away something vital from the experience.

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