Top 3 tax season vices
February 08, 2016

The new year brings fresh new work for accountants and bookkeepers, many of whom won't see daylight until the April 30th deadline. Instead, they'll be at their desks handling meetings with clients and crunching numbers. Here are the top three vices accounting professionals use to handle the heavy demands of tax season:

The Coffeehouse Mysteries
You may not be an amateur sleuth in Greenwich Village, but you undoubtedly understand the mind-awakening power of a good cup of joe. Coffee is a staple during tax season, and accountants may find themselves making more and more caffeine runs to stay awake and escape the numbers. Plus, coffee shops have a legacy of promoting intelligence, according to some. In 17th century England, such establishments were called "penny universities," as one penny would get customers a cup of joe and an engaging conversation.

Still, some Europeans called coffee the "bitter invention of Satan" when they first encountered it. If you similarly can't stand the beverage and don't understand the cultural fascination with a Tim Hortons double-double, feel free to use this line when talking to baristas. 

Those who've seen the movie know of chocolate's ability to captivate a small town - as well as a pirate played by Johnny Depp. This sweet treat is enjoyable in so many forms - as hot cocoa, as fondue, drizzled over popcorn, blended with chilies or sea salt, surrounding caramel and purely on its own. Plus, it's loved the world over. According to Euromonitor International, Canadians sold 123,000 tonnes of chocolate in 2015, reaching $3 billion. Despite these numbers, Canada is actually not in the top three countries when it comes to the amount of chocolate consumed each year. The highest honor belongs to Switzerland - according to Forbes, the average Swiss citizen eats 19.8 pounds annually. Germany holds second place at 17.4 pounds. Meanwhile, Ireland and the U.K. tie for third at 16.3 pounds.

Super Size Me
With all those late nights crunching numbers at the office, accountants and bookkeepers likely don't feel like cooking when they get home. Instead, its much more convenient for them to swing through their drive through of choice after leaving the office. After all, nothing says comfort food like a good burger, shake and fries. Still, an accountant or bookkeeper shouldn't be too quick to abandon his or her kitchen - if only so he or she doesn't forget how to turn the oven on. Plus, preparing a nice meal and selecting a fine wine is a good way to relax.

Tax season doesn't have to leave you desperate for caffeine, sugar and fries. Sage is here to help you manage your workload.

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