Make summer the season of balancing the personal and professional
May 19, 2015

Now that summer is finally just around the corner, it's time to look toward the coming months and prepare for a (hopefully) long warm season. Summer is the time when the kids are out of school, families take their trips to beaches or national parks, and people spend time exploring the outside, enjoying the weather. As accountants, perhaps you have a few weeks of vacation time saved up to do with as you wish, but the rest of the season should be as pleasant as any holiday taken.

It can be difficult to master, but finding the proper work/life balance during the summer months is especially crucial for all members of the firm. As the mercury rises and the days lengthen, it's important to find a happy harmony between life at home and in the office.

A challenging feat
It's no surprise that striking a balance between the two separate spheres of life - professional and personal - is no easy task. With smartphones and tablets, work email is just a touch away these days, even if you're at home on the couch. According to FastCompany, it's getting increasingly more difficult to separate the two worlds. Employees are either taking their work home with them or staying late at the office, and while dedication to one's work is admirable, it's vital to take personal time away from the worries of work.

Spending too much time and energy on one's job can lead to burnout and poor performance in the office, things that are counterintuitive to doing a job well. 

Balancing the scales
Summer is the perfect time to find the equilibrium between the office and the home. The sunshine allows you to shake off the bitter chill of winter and get back on track.

The most important thing someone can do to give themselves two distinct lives is to purposefully allocate time that is spent on personal matters, noted PayScale. Setting aside time for relaxation might not sound very relaxing, but it gets the ball rolling to make it a habit. Turn off the smartphones and tablets, go outside and talk a walk or beautify your front lawn by making a garden. Take a weekend and reunite with your family, but make sure you leave your work out of it.

It is possible to have a fulfilling personal life and career, it just takes some work, careful planning and the desire to have some time to yourself.

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