Keeping it simple with accounting software
December 12, 2014

The options small businesses have with regard to technology are increasing. CNBC discussed robo-advisors for finances, but despite the worldly access and the technological options that have become available, simple technology combined with human interaction remains the best characteristic a small business can have.

How technology has affected finances
CNBC reported that online-only wealth management platforms - dubbed "robo-advisors" - are a new technology available to companies. Robo-advisors have become an especially popular tool among the millennial crowd, but the source pointed out that human interaction is crucial.

Technology like robo-advisors cannot take goals or personal experiences into consideration, which means that there is more room for error in just using them alone. The creation of the robo-advisor is certainly a fantastic advancement, but CNBC highlighted that the tool cannot see the same patterns a human would, such as trends in industries.

Not all technology trends, however popular they may be, are best for small businesses. Tech can use the same platforms and programs that people rely on, but without the creative thinking that customers and employees are capable of, it will never match up to the capabilities of human interaction. Leveraging simple accounting software may be the best choice for a small business. 

Staying simple with financial software
Small businesses don't necessarily need big tech like robo-advisors. Companies can invest in affordable accounting software to deal with aspects of a small business that are necessary without spending a lot of money. Business News Daily highlighted some of the different benefits bookkeeping software can provide businesses.

Automation, for instance, makes managing bills easy with automatic payments, past-due notifications and electronic processes that allow small business owners to save time and money. Basic accounting tasks are also more approachable with accounting software, since many accounting programs often include functions such as tracking income and expenses, generating financial reports and managing client and vendor management. Accounting software specifically for small businesses is typically much more simple and easy for business owners to use. 

Bdaily highlighted three simple steps for staying on top of finances: keeping an eye on the cash, maintaining costs and thinking about profitability. These recommendations are all possible to maintain by using accounting software. Bookkeeping programs can help business owners see the potential future in the numbers that accounting software records.

All of these benefits still ensure a relationship to form between customers and employees, which is important for any business. Simple accounting software can help where it counts for small businesses - and, combined with emphasis on customer relationships, can make for the best

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