How to start forging a work-life balance before summer arrives
April 30, 2014

Nearly every winter, there's mutterings that this one felt longer, colder and more dismal than the last. While there are definitely some individuals who like to embrace nature during the coldest time of the year, go skiing or snowboarding and enjoy the holidays, many are very excited when it starts to warm up and the sun stays out longer.

This might be especially true for accounting firm owners. The winter tends to be a hectic time for bookkeepers - some companies end their fiscal year at the end of the calendar, while others wait until April. This means a very hectic tax season from late fall until spring, so when the warm weather comes, that might signal a bit of downtime.

Because of the nature of the industry, during busy season, employees and owners of firms might not have a lot of time, other than the holidays, to spend with their families and friends. So when summer approaches, this might be an opportunity to get the work-life balance back in check.

How can employees and accounting firm owners prepare in time to enjoy the summer?

Make it a priority
While many people keep the importance of the work-life balance in the back of their minds, if it's not a priority like other job-based tasks, it's going to get lost in the shuffle. As such, Small Business BC recommended that employees and owners consciously work toward making an even balance a reality. That being said, the source noted that it's important that the individual striving to hit this goal is realistic about his or her expectations. 

Don't be available all the time
One way to start setting boundaries is to stop checking work emails or taking unimportant calls when you're at home. You probably wouldn't call your spouse during the workday unless it was necessary. Apply this to your time with your family. Small Business BC explained that firm owners and employees shouldn't be available 24/7, or this will open the door to round-the-clock communications.

Pick the things that matter
Sometimes, accounting firm owners are going to have to shorten their lunch hour or put in a few extra hours in the office in order to complete important projects or talk to clients. The opposite should be true as well, within reason. This can set a good precedence as the summer approaches - workers are probably going to want to leave early when possible to have fun in the sun. USA Today reported that entrepreneur Ami Kassar, CEO of MultiFunding, makes sure he listens to his body and takes downtime or goes to bed early when he needs to, rather than answering that last email.

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