Find out how the latest technologies can help you save time in the New Year
December 21, 2015

If you're looking to make a resolution this New Year, you should start by promising not to waste time when there are innovative business solutions available that will simplify tasks and improve overall efficiency. As an accountant, you need to prepare your services to handle information delivered by clients who are also capitalizing on new technology.

Hybrid-cloud integration
IT World Canada shared the results of a 2014 Wakefield Research survey that found 76 percent of business representatives predicted half of their data operations would be performed by hybrid cloud hosting by 2017. Recent reports indicate businesses move to the cloud faster than expected, and most use a hybrid strategy to facilitate transition.

While many businesses recognize the speed and convenience of hosting their data offsite, other organizations are nervous about moving sensitive information to outside servers. A hybrid cloud strategy allows companies to pick and choose which data gets hosted where. They can save sensitive information for on-premise supervision, and transfer routine procedure to a quicker solution.

It gives companies a chance to test out cloud performance on certain datasets before attempting to host the majority of the infrastructure through the most convenient means.

Industry-specific apps
When your company's data and software is accessible online, you can access the information through your favorite device. New business apps crop up everyday in hopes of delivering a solution that will provide the performance companies need to get the most out of data.

As business apps become more popular, startups and organizations start to create more specialized options. Canadian Business shared the story of a company that created an app to help hospitals prep patients for surgery. The healthcare industry is notorious for dragging its heels on innovative data processes. New tool developers hope to improve hospital procedures by delivering the specific functionality they need.

As an accountant, you should look for business apps developed for financial management. By doing some research, you can find software tools and mobile features you need for your daily tasks.

The Internet of Things 
You should be able to bring your computer with you when you meet with clients. Mobile technology grows ever more convenient to ensure you have access to accounting software solutions wherever you conduct business.

Recent technology trends explore other ways to deliver the data functionality in tandem with common enterprise activities. In 2016, you may see more business professionals using wearable technology or delivering data reports collected by connected business tools.

You have to recognize financial reports delivered by the IoT procedures. Connected devices should provide consistent information delivered automatically. Your own software tools should feature business intelligence and online functionality, so you can match the speed of your clients.

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