Don't go it alone: How partners can help you succeed
May 24, 2016

Having a network of like-minded business professionals and partners is a boon to any job type, and accounting professionals are certainly no exception.

Bookkeepers and accountants often work long hours, especially during tax season, managing not only clients' expectations and goals but also those of their practice. This can get lonely and stressful. Fortunately, networks designed exclusively for accountants and bookkeepers assist these professionals in maximizing performance and satisfying all stakeholders.

What networks can do for you
Being an accountant or bookkeeper and managing a firm takes a lot of energy and focus. As part of a network, though, accounting professionals can create a support system from which to draw support, energy and creativity.

Shared knowledge is one of the top draws of networks, Small Business BC explained. Through the partnerships created, you can trade ideas, solicit feedback and even learn from the mistakes and successes of those with greater experience than your own. Seeing problems through the eyes of another helps you identify solutions and new opportunities.

Such conversations also assist accounting professionals in staying current with industry trends and information, such as rules and regulation changes, new accounting software solutions and improved management processes, reported Small Biz Trends. Additionally, connecting with other accounting professionals offers the chance to expand your client list. By making a good impression and proving yourself to be a good partner, you could also receive new client referrals.

So, how do you find partners to benefit your practice?

Partner with technology
Building a network is often conceived of as something one does in a conference hall or other industry event, and while that's great, more accounting professionals are choosing accounting software solution providers that maintain networks for clients online.

These online networks have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of members. They also offer partners 24/7 support, special reports and white papers, access to online courses and other resources, and even software discounts for clients, among other things.

As a partner with the tools you need to help you and your clients succeed, the right provider helps you to efficiently and effectively manage and grow your business. By becoming a part of a network of like-minded people, you will be able to improve your practice and provide more value to your clients.

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