Creating an effective environment for the office
March 06, 2015

There are many responsibilities that you have as an accounting firm manager, from ensuring that employees are familiar with the newest accounting software to mitigating in-office disputes. The duties may vary from day to day, but each team member looks to you for answers or support. The best way to be an efficient manager is to model the culture that you would like the office to have. Setting an example is the easiest method to set the mood without having to state expectations outright. Your employees are smart people and will pick up the cues that you intimate. Here are a few tricks that you can employ to bolster the efficiency of your practice management:

1. Don't be a time-waster
Of course, not every moment of your day can be filled with accounting, but you can seem outwardly efficient to your team. Entrepreneur suggested that you allot time blocks for tasks with minimal distractions. Setting a goal within a timeframe is very helpful to get work done and the rest of the office may follow suit to get their business done as well. Time management is important for any office, but especially one that deals in such sensitive data as personal tax information. 

2. Be "accountable" for your work
This is a tough one to learn, as it involves admitting to a mistake. Everyone, including accountant firm managers,is human, and is trying to get a job done. Sometimes, things don't go as planned and the best plan of action is to admit defeat, learn from the mistake and try again. Disappointment in work can be difficult to overcome, but it's not impossible. Forbes asserted that regaining confidence after a failure of any magnitude is imperative to the company. A failure can only be considered such when no learning takes place from it. If you can treat yourself with respect and learn from teachable moments, your staff will be able to come back from setbacks.

3. Encourage communication
Having an office where people connect with each other and can look to fellow team members for support is key. If you take the time to get to know the staff, they will likely do the same on their own. If employees go to each other with questions, you have time to manage the office as a whole without having your day weighed down by assisting each person individually. And if your employees work together and are happy, your customers are bound to notice and enjoy utilizing your firm for all of their accounting needs. 

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