Canada Post making it easier for startups to go online
April 28, 2014

These days, many consumers would likely be surprised if they searched online for nearly any company and found no results. The average business seems to have a significant presence on the Internet now, and for good reason. So many individuals, especially in Canada, surf the Web regularly. 

After all, according to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority's 2014 Factbook, 87 per cent of households in the nation have an Internet connection. As such, it follows that a number of these people probably shop for goods and services using computers or other devices. 

However, not all small businesses in the country have websites, something that many experts have deemed a mistake. Accountants and owners of new bookkeeping firms must realize that not only will having a site attract even more clients, but simply going online will help them accomplish tasks even faster. Gone are the days where calculations and filing are done manually - computers make processes more efficient.

Canada Post, which has been the ire of some smaller firms lately due to rate increases, is trying to help startups with their online presence, something that new businesses might be interested in.

E-commerce made easy
Canada Post recently announced a new initiative in which e-commerce platforms such as Magneto, Shopify, WooCommerce and ShipStation, among others, will help companies set up websites. As an added bonus, Canada Post will offer shipping services incentives, as the organization has deals in place with the platforms. 

Among the perks entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy are shipping labels, rating systems and tracking. Leaders simply have to connect the corporate website hosted on one of the approved platforms with their Canada Post Accounts. 

What does this mean for startups?
New accounting firms can benefit greatly from this new program. While other companies offering products and other goods may be able to see a bigger return on the incentives involving shipping, bookkeeping businesses can also send things like software to clients in a more reputable manner, due to labels and the other perks.

When these types of company owners just start out, they're experts in finance and accounting, not necessarily the Internet. As such, having a host to fall back on in the early days when they're setting up the corporate website might give owners peace of mind and extra help, so they can focus on clients and other aspects of the business they already know well.

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