3 things to help you identify where your firm is in its cloud journey
June 08, 2016

Has your accounting or bookkeeping firm made the transition to cloud software yet? It may seem like a lot of effort to undergo when your current situation works just fine, but the cloud offers incredible benefits. Use these three tips below to figure out where your firm is in its cloud journey:

1. You have multiple emails, calendars and other business tools spread out among applications
There are numerous services available for accountants and bookkeepers to manage their practice. Providers offer different email services, calendars, spreadsheets and accounting software, and many people already have their preferences. However, it's cumbersome when accountants and bookkeepers have to switch back and forth between applications to manage their practice.

If your firm relies on multiple applications, a cloud-based accounting software solution helps you integrate them to one central resource. It gives accountants and bookkeepers access to a central source for email, calendars and more.

2. You and your clients work on the go
Many accountants and bookkeepers enjoy the benefits of working from home, while others often travel to meet clients. In addition, there are times where accountants and bookkeepers need to communicate and work together on files in real time. Emailing a document back and forth is awkward, and there isn't an efficient way to track any changes.

Cloud software lets anyone with an internet connection - and the right credentials, of course - access the information they need to conduct their business. Clients can check their accounts while accountants and bookkeepers manage information and much more.

3. You provide financial services that rely on real-time information
More accountants and bookkeepers are adding financial advising to their list of services. According to research cited by the Journal of Accountancy, 65 percent of firms that either already implemented cloud services or added to their client offerings believe they have to adapt to compete with other businesses within the next year. A substantial portion of these firms had at least 100 employees.

Such adaptation requires consistent, to-the-minute data so accountants and bookkeepers can best guide their clients, including access to shifts in financial trends and a way to track client purchases as they're being made. Because cloud accounting software is always online, it always supplies accountants and bookkeepers with the latest information. This allows members of your firm to provide the best advice to clients. 

If you identify with any of these three points, consider switching to a cloud accounting solution. Sage Impact streamlines your business where it needs it and gives accountants and bookkeepers the tools to be more productive.

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