3 reasons small businesses should use accounting software
September 24, 2015

We've all heard the saying "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life," and many entrepreneurs have taken that quote to heart. However, most small business owners have found that they hardly do what they really want to spend their time doing. According to a report by Wasp Barcode Technologies, only 42 percent have a CFO or a controller. This means the CEO is picking up the slack. Many CEOs spend all of their time dealing with the books, scheduling, taxes and everything else that comes with a business until there is no time left in the day for them to do the thing that encouraged them to actually start the business in the first place.

While those important business operations have to be done, with the right tools, they can take considerably less time and allow the business owner more time for other things. Small business accounting software can make a profound difference in the amount of work a business owner must complete. Here are four reasons to consider utilizing accounting software:

Work life balance
It's easy for business owners to spend all of their time in the workplace. They want their business to be successful, and one of the ways to make that happen is to be there ensuring that everything is running smoothly and the numbers in the books are as they should be. While this might be good for the business, it usually isn't good for the owner. To help promote a better work life balance, an accounting software solution can allow the business owner to access his or her business books from their mobile devices through the cloud. This makes it easy to work from anywhere, which means not every waking hour will need to be spent at the workplace.

Do more of what you love
Accounting software can greatly improve productivity, which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to do what it is that led them to start the business in the first place. Restaurant owners can spend time cooking or coming up with new cocktail recipes, small design firms can spend more time actually designing and brewery owners can spend more time developing new beers for the upcoming season.

Simplify the work you do
Accounting can become pretty complex and tedious if spreadsheets or a simple accounting application is used to manage all of the finances. Small business accounting software is just better. It simplifies parts of the accounting process and allows you to more easily pay employees, create invoices, and put together monthly reports. While the practice of accounting will never become more simple, the right software solution can eliminate steps business owners have to take and make it feel like it's easier.

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